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I’m Jason Shafer, your go-to professional for all things related to media production, videography, and video editing. With an extensive background in media production, I’ve worn many hats – from scripting to shooting, graphic design to audio production. My work has graced the screens of many, most notably through the Colorado Experience program for Rocky Mountain PBS and the ‘The Blacksmith’ performance recording and documentary which is set to premiere nationally this year.

My skills are wide and varied. I work in videography, 2D and 3D graphic design, video editing, and motion graphics. But what makes me unique is how I leverage my background in teaching college-level English and Media Studies. My experience in the classroom has honed my ability to draw people into a story, communicate its essential content, and engage an audience. When it comes to research, written and visual communication, and media literacy, let’s just say I’ve taught the classes.

Take a look around and if you like what you see, let’s create something spectacular together.